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So it the beginning of 2019 and all students must be under pressure for different types of exams. Some may be thinking of choosing Science some may choose Arts or Commerce in their Higher Secondry Classes, most of the students will go for IIT-jee or NEET prparation.

Students currently in 12th may be thinking of choosing Best enginnering college of India, some studenst will choose Law and will dream of Becoming Biggest and best lawyer, some may become Banker, some may become best doctor but What we all should keep in mind is that becoming rich and earning more and more money should not be our only aim. We should become a good person first, a person of helping nature who donates to needy poors, help poor kids to join school again and help them to fulfill their dreams. Then only our country will become best and we will have best lawyers, best doctors and best colleges. So that we can rule the world.

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