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What is Cloud Computer?

So if you are here on this page then this clearly shows you are educated enough to use mobiles, computers and internet. But the real question is are you also interested in Latest Technology.
Because if You are, then You should be aware of the latest technologies that are being introduced to market at very rapid rate and is also evolving at the speed of light every second. And one of them is Cloud Computing or Cloud Computers.
So as we all know human dependance of Computers and Artificial Intelligence or AI is increasing day by day and to cope up with this speed of continous emerging dependance we needed to make computers that can be online 24/7 and can provide blazing internet speeds. So that data can be transfered very easily and can be collected in form of Big Data for Machine learning and Big Data Analytics.

How Insurance and mortgage Companies are using Cloud Computers?

So Cloud Computers are not only restricted to some fields it is necessity of today's world and is in demand in every professional sector like insurance companies, mortgage companies and also all other sectors use Cloud computers for better collection of all data and more important in continous manner. These Insurance and mortgage companies also use these cloud computers to calculate statistics and then predict their upcoming challenges and also make their plans according to that. Like if you are 60 years old and you want to take a insurance for your health then these insurance companies will check their data and will try to find the percentage of people who are of 60 or above age and these were able to make profit for them and how much, if they found that yes this age group is profitable then yaa you will get best or good insurance deals and same happens in mortgage companies if you want to take a moragage, mortgage companies will check their data and will find from history of old customers of same income group and will give you best mortgage deals according to that.
So that's how all these fields take advantage of Cloud Computers and use it to maximize their profits or Customer Satisfaction level.

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